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Stopping Off

Added a new link to the right. My friend Michael Dumontier's new blog, "Stopping Off Place."  He's an amazing visual artist with a keen eye for the interesting and unusual which he'll be posting on his blog periodically.  One thing that caught me already is the Fishli + Weiss album cover for Lilliput!  One of my favorite artist teams teaming up with one of my favorite bands! And anthropomorphized plants!



Outdoor film screening is ON!
Saturday night (tomorrow) at 7pm.
BBQ first. Bring foods to share.
957 Figueroa Terrace, in Echo Park, LA.

Eben and I will be curating a program of shorts and a feature called Yeelen, a West African folktale.
Hope to see you there!


Possibility Inspiration Transformation

I'm thinking about this time last winter...We had just returned from the longest tour of our lives. We were worn out and convalescing at the farm with 2 old cats and a dog.  There was a fire to sit by.  The songs we'd been playing for the past few months needed to be recorded, but wanted to change shape in the process.  The music became something else entirely as it was put to tape...or hard drive...
Here are some images of things that influenced their transformation:



We're coming to LA next weekend to master our first full-length record as WOOM. This is very exciting. While we're there we'll be curating a film night. More info to come...