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Saturday Night


Let's DANCE!

Our shows this weekend were absolutely incredible.  We are so grateful to have been invited to play to such an open and carefree audience!  Not a single pair of crossed arms!
Creative Growth is a hot-house of positive energy.  Never have we had people dance with such abandon to our music.  And of course, it caused us to dance and play with abandon, too!  Somehow I ended up dancing on my back on the floor!
Our friend Dominic Santos took some nice pictures so we figured we'd better start a Flickr account.  More pictures and videos are on the way!

In the meantime we've been working hard on many things:
Making new music
Booking our own EU tour
Making the artwork for our album (details soon)

Lots of things are in the works! The EU tour booking is going surprisingly well considering we don't have an album out there yet and have never toured there.  If anyone out there could help us with shows in Spain and Portugal we would much appreciate it!
Thank you!