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* Edit* Muu's Way

Our album, Muu's Way, is out digitally tomorrow! And next week
Muu's Way will be out July 6th!

We're almost finished our tour. Here are the remaining dates:
> July 5th Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg w/Beirut
> July 6th Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg w/Beirut

We want to thank everyone for coming out to shows. It's been great
to meet you! And thanks to all our new friends and amazingly radical
and generous people who helped make this tour happen. You took such
good care of us and it is no exaggeration to say that it was a total
joy to play music for you. We hope to be back soon!

Hope everyone's having a great summer.


Last Night

Thanks to the good people of Braganca for the show! Thank you for showing us your river, rocks, and cows!




6/25 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn NORTHSIDE FESTIVAL w/The Fiery Furnaces
6/26 Shea Stadium, NYC Chocolate Bobka Show, NORTHSIDE FESTIVAL
7/6 Music Hall of Williamsburg w/BEIRUT
7/7 Music Hall of Williamsburg w/BEIRUT


Xiu Xiu

I should have said this sooner, but touring with Xiu Xiu was like erdbeeren mit schlagsahne. We'll confirm what you already know: they're an incredible band and wonderful people. It was completely inspiring and bar-raising to witness them over the course of six shows. It also gave us time to fall deeper into the heart-shredding, juice-pumping, gut-drenching whirlpool of concussion that is their music. Wow!

You can read reviews of our London show together here and here.


The Portuguese blog Bodyspace invited us to make a video of a live performance. We shot this video back in April, before we left for tour, with the help of the inimitable Dominic Santos and Mike Harrison. Coincidentally, at the same time we were invited by Joseph Del Pesco to do an installation and performance at the Berkeley Art Museum, so we shot the video there beneath the blue parachute that we hung from the ceiling.


Musica Nella Valle

We would like to thank the people at the Musica Nella Valle festival in San Martino Spino for a hot, wet Italian weekend. Fresh grass, green corn, new friends, laughter and tears, lambrusco and gnocco frito overcame us. Amazing music and company. Thank you.

I Camillas "Il Giocco Della Palla" (Ball Game)

Bob Corn

Rome is Like